The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science was established as a National Technology Platform under the Functional Genomics Program, Research Council of Norway.


July 15th, 2010

The ZNN forum for model fish science and husbandry

The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform has released the ZNN forum  for everyone to use.

Use the blue button “ZNN forum” on the front page to be redirected to the forum.

If you need help with zebrafish husbandry, techniques, diseases, shipping, toxicology or if you have any other questions regarding zebrafish, this is the meeting place for all zebrafish researchers and technicians .

You need to register to get access. Please use a relevant username and fill out all relevant details about you as a user.

Welcome and thank you for making this forum a fantastic meeting place for all ZNN members and scientific personel.

Administrator is the Facility Manager at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science. Any questions about the forum, how to register or feedback about what’s good and what’s bad can be sent to:

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