The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science was established as a National Technology Platform under the Functional Genomics Program, Research Council of Norway.


October 20th, 2010

ZNN PhD course

We are happy to announce the ZNN phd course 2010 . The course will be given by members of the ZNN and partners and is restricted to a maximum of 10 students for the full course with practical sessions ( 4 ECTS). The theoretical part is open for everyone who wishes to participate ( 2 ECTS).

ZNN 2010 will provide an excellent opportunity to meet people interested in and working with fish in research.


The ZNN PhD course 2010 will take place 29 October- 5 November. The theory includes the 3 days of ZNN conference and 4 daily workshop sessions, 5 days of practical lab. sessions & 4 journal clubs.



 Full program for PhD course



Litterature list is attached to program. All participants are expected to download/copy articles listed and read them prior to the course start.

All posters and lectures at the conference are part of the curriculum.

The Course is held at The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science , Ullevaalsveien 72 in Oslo.

We will have the workshop sessions and Journal Clubs in Auditorium 12 in Building 14. The practical work will be performed in aud. 12 and in the zebrafish facility both located in the basement.

Course language is English.

Accommodation for PhD students in the period 31 October-5 November is not included and must be booked and covered by each participant.

To see details regarding the program for the first 3 days of the course, go to the conference page

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