The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science was established as a National Technology Platform under the Functional Genomics Program, Research Council of Norway.


May 7th, 2011


The Research Council has recently published the list of applications to INFRASTRUCTURE 2010 which have been funded.The application “The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform – An essential upgrade for the next decade” was unfortunately not approved in this round.

The needs for an upgrade in order to being able to support a broad specter of potential applications using the zebrafish model are still the same and we must be creative in order to find alternative routes for reaching this collective goal. We still need to expand our basic capacity for keeping up a sufficient production of embryos and keeping standard strains and transgenic lines of zebrafish in order to be able serving the basic technology platform function from the FUGE program era.
Thanks to NIVA for being applicant partner and for all input from NVH colleagues and support letters from others.

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