The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science was established as a National Technology Platform under the Functional Genomics Program, Research Council of Norway.


January 26th, 2009

First meeting to plan and coordinate Zebrafish Network Norway

The first meeting to plan and coordinate Zebrafish Network Norway was held the 12th of November 2008 at the Hightechnology Centre in Bergen, Norway.

ZNN members present was: Peter Aleström ( NVH), Ståle Ellingsen, Anders Fjose, Anders Goksøyr, Rune Male, Hee-Chan Seo ( UiB-MBI), Jon Vidar Hellvik ( UiB-BI)

ZNN members not present was: Finn-Arne Weltzien ( NVH/UiO), Ingvild Mikkola ( UiT), Ivar Rønnestad, Sigurd Stefansson ( UiB-BI). Tom Becker has moved his lab to Sidney-SARS center does not at present have a zebrafish group. Institute of Marine research and NIFES are in process of establishing the zebrafish model.

The meeting started with a tour of the UiB joint zebrafishlab ( MBI & BI) ( Aqua Schwarz Aquarium Systems) and continued with all participants giving a short presentation of their zebrafish research.

Peter Aleström presented Aleström Zebrafishlab ( AZLab) and the concept of the Norwegian Zebrafish FUGE Platform 2007-2012, and also the ambitions of the platform to function as a national network meeting ground for zebrafish labs and researchers.

During the following discussion the participants agreed to design and develop ZNN. The name Zebrafish Network Norway-ZNN was agreed upon and decided. The conclusion can be summarized as follows: ” Increased & more organized cooperation within the zebrafish environment in Norway with the goal of gaining more attention and getting more people to use the zebrafish model will improve the funding situation and the recruitment of good scientists.

An interim board that will cooperate to plan the ” 1st ZNN meeting” 2009 was apointed and consists of the following members: Peter Aleström from NVH Oslo ( Chair), Ståle Ellingsen ( NN, HI as deputy member) and Anders Fjose ( Jon Vidar Hellvik as deputy member) from UiB-MBI Bergen, and Ingvild Mikkola from UiT Tromsø.

The 1st ZNN meeting will formalize the board and function of the network. It is planned as an annual ZNN meeting in combination with an international zebrafish conference/ workshop. This will be linked to The Norwegian Zebrafish platform and its annual PhD course.

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