The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science was established as a National Technology Platform under the Functional Genomics Program, Research Council of Norway.


March 19th, 2009

The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science hosted µG-omics ESA ENFORM Minisymposium

The Norwegian Zebrafish Platform hosted a ESA ENFORM minisymposium on the topic Model fish in microgravity µG-omics at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science 19-20 of February.

The meeting had mostly international participants and had focus on obtained results, future experiments and funding possibilities regarding model fish in microgravity environment. The consortium aims at sending zebrafish in space in order to study microgravity effects on gene expression related to bone metabolism and other physiological pathways.

Particpants were:

Research fellow Jessica Aceto , ULg, Liege
Prof. Peter Aleström, NVH, Oslo
Research Director Roger Binot, ESA, Noordwijk
Dr. Silvia Bradamante, unimi, Milano
Dr. Paal Brekke, Norwegian Space Centre, Oslo
Prof. Philippe Collas, UiO, Oslo
Prof. Tor-Henning Iversen, NTNU, Trondheim
Dr. Massimo Mariotti, unimi, Milano
Ass. Prof. Paul Midtlyng, NVH, Oslo
Prof. Marc Müller, ULg, Liege
Research fellow Rasoul Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, NVH,Oslo
Prof. Christoph Winkler, NUS, Singapore

Foto, from the left: Pål Brekke, Massimo Mariotti, Marc Müller, Peter Aleström, Christoph Winkler, Silvia Bradamante, Paul Midtlyng, Tor-Henning Iversen and Roger Binot ( participants not in photo: Rasoul Nourizadeh-Lillabadi, Jessica Aceto)

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